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If you never heard about website ranking service, then read carefully, because this might been one of the best ranking techniques in 2015 onwards.

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First I shall give a little introduction to this amazing seo service. Its created and founded by Dan Anton, who is the guy behind the service, No.1 rated link indexing service on the internet. This was already ringing the bells in my head, that Crowd Search will be as good as its promised.

Their service is based upon real people searches. The people inside the Crowd Search army are manually browsing and searching for your website in Google, based upon your keywords that you submitted. Once they find your website they visit it, browse through and spend some time on your site to give it a boost that Google is looking for.

Now you are probably wondering how does this affect your site rankings, I’ll explain. Search engines, especially Google, are paying a huge attention to the CTR (click through rate), time that visitor spend on your site and the load speed of your site. Ok, the load speed has nothing to do with crowd search, but the CTR and the time that visitor spent on your site is exactly what you get from CrowdSearch.Me seo service.

The real visitors are also coming from different IP’s, so its not only 100% Google safe, but Google will love your site and reward you for that.

My Personal Experience with Crowd Search

I jumped on board while the door were still open (meaning that it might not be available for the public at the moment, but the the door gets to open from time to time again). For the first week I could see a little movement in rankings. I have submitted either low competition keywords and high competition keywords, in a few different niches. After I just sat back to see what impact on those rankings it will have.

And to my surprise, the most of my keywords jumped up in a search results by several positions just in a matter of a few days. One of my very competitive keywords (with over 9,900 exact global searches per month according to Google keyword planner) went straight from no position at all to position 59 in just a three days.

Of course I did some seo campaign promotion for my main money keyword in the past 6 months, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere. The whole promotion was done by me on my own PBN’s, web 2.0 properties, social signals and interactions, social bookmarks, blog comments etc.

Correct On Page SEO is Critical

Also I have to mention that if on Page SEO isn’t done right, you can be pretty much concerned that you won’t rank anywhere in Google. That’s for sure.

I think that I’m quiet skilled in SEO and blogging as I do website’s optimization for last 4 years and had some good success, either with my sites or client sites.

So, basically my website was missing that little but important kick, which moved my rankings to the top 60 in just first few days. Now its been over a month since I started using the CrowdSearch.Me service, and again the position has moved to 38 in two weeks and again to 24 in another two weeks. And I’m talking about 90% competition keyword!

Wish you a good luck with your future SEO campaigns and profits.

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